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Sensei Jackie Walker - 3rd Dan Teaching at Hando HarlowHando Jikishin Ju Jitsu Clubs welcome beginners of all ages. Ju Jitsu is fun, practical,and will have a number of benefits including getting fitter, improved reflexes, improved self confidence and, of course, self defence.

Located at Harlow, Essex, the clubs appeal to a wide range of people, male and female, from 4 (see our Junior Warriors page) to 75 years old. Concessions are available to the unemployed and pensioners. Training can be paid for weekly, monthly or at the start of each lesson.

For beginners the process for starting Ju Jitsu is simple: Firstly, you need to turn up at a training session (pretty obvious that one), complete a Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association Membership Form (download here), the only clothing required is a pair of jogging bottoms and a T-shirt, we'll then take you through Mat Etiquette (the rules of the Dojo or Training Place), Breakfalls (how to fall safely when being thrown) and then on to the first techniques in the White Belt Syllabus.
Beginners White & Yellow Belts working togetherThere will be some striking & kicking instruction and practice, and you may well learn some street self defence techniques, or skills fighting on the ground (the majority of street fights end up on the ground). These are taught in a manner that is friendly to the novice, but that can still be enjoyed, employed and practiced by the higher grades. In Hando Ju Jitsu we all practice together, whatever the grade.
Personal hygiene is positively encouraged, and out of respect to training partners, students should arrive at club clean, ensure that fingernails and toenails are short, and that training clothing is clean and fresh.

You will learn some Japanese Terminology like Sensei (Teacher), Rei (bow) and Yamae (stop immediately) - but not too much, we use mostly English. You will learn some Kata, some Traditional Japanese Weapons and some things not generally taught in traditional Ju Jitsu classes, for instance we discuss the Law as it relates to Self Defence, stances and body language, conflict resolution, and much, much more. For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

The Clubs are run by Earl Walker, 6th Dan, and Jackie Walker, 4th Dan.

The club is also fortunate enough to have a number of very experienced and talented instructors who both train and teach regularly, see our Coaches Page. Our Instructors are willing and able to pass on their vast experience to newcomers and experienced students alike.

Sensei Steve Thomas 4th Dan Teaching on the Juniors Mat


Hando Ongar Juniors - 2013Under the United Kingdom Martial Arts Governing Body (UKMAGB) the club has a full Child Protection Policy. All instructors are trained, hold First Aid certification, and hold Public and Personal Liability Insurance, and enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Clearance - whether Junior or Senior, the safety of our students is always the first priority.



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