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Junior Clubs

Hando Jikishin Junior Ju Jitsu Clubs have been running since 1979 and have built a solid reputation for the quality of training and the discipline of the students.

Ongar Junior Class - Novice Kata

In order to progress a student must show regular attendance, train diligently and perform the techniques taught in a safe and controlled manner. A progress sheet is issued to each student in order to keep a record of their achievement in each belt - it is the responsibility of the student to look after and ensure that they bring their record sheets to club.

Located in Essex at Harlow, the clubs appeal to a wide range of young people from 6 to 16 years old. The club is open throughout the school holidays.

Hando Warriors

The Warriors class is for older children, either those who have come through the Mini Warriors system, or just beginning Ju Jitsu. From 6 years to 16 years old, the Hando Warriors concentrate on the Jikishin Syllabus, learning the same techniques (with a few exceptions) as the adults, and prepare them for achieving the ultimate goal of a Black Belt. The skills are practical and transferable, and gives the children self confidence, self control and an understanding of the discipline required to achieve success. The Warriors class also has a reward system, and the children are encouraged to behave well, in order to have a game at the end of the class.

Hando Warriors

The Club is run by Jackie Walker, 4th Dan and Senior Club Coach.

Sensei Jackie Walker - 3rd Dan Teaching at Hando HarlowThe clubs are run on the basis that all children training must act sensibly and be and very self disciplined, this has a carry over into everyday life. Our students of Ju Jitsu are generally more self confident, and have a better attitude to life, than those children who do not train, we impress upon the children that Ju Jitsu training is a privilege, and that they must show respect to their instructors, other children training, and to anyone who visits the Dojo (training place), including parents.

The Hando Mini Warriors and Warriors are expected to behave to a high standard, and are rewarded for their good behaviour with games at the end of each training session - poor behaviour, and especially any signs of bullying, results in the young person not being allowed to play the game, and can even result in a suspension from attending the club. We simply do not put up with unruly or bad behaviour. At the end of class, all the children are expected to thank the Coaches, and this engenders politeness and respect. Overall, this results in a great training experience for all.

Ongar Junior Class

Initially the only clothing required is a pair of jogging bottoms or a leotard, and a T-shirt.

For those young people who wish to compete, Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs have regular training sessions covering Sparring, Groundfighting, Open Hand & Weapons Kata. Juniors are encouraged to train for competition, even if they do not intend to compete, as this is an excellent way for students to try out the techniques they have learned in a dynamic situation. There are specific sessions for Groundfighting and Sparring - see sidebarHando Ongar Juniors - 2013.
Under the United Kingdom Martial Arts Governing Body (UKMAGB) the club has a full Child Protection Policy. All instructors are trained, hold First Aid certification, and hold Public and Personal Liability Insurance, and enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Clearance (DBS - Disclosure & Barring Service) the safety of our students is always the first priority.

Jackie Walker 4th Dan is the Club Welfare & Child Protection Officer.

Earl Walker, 6th Dan and Senior Club Coach, is the Chief Instructor for Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs.

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