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Special Training Sessions at Harlow:

Adult Ko Budo Classes
(Traditional Japanese Weapons)

FREE for those eligible to train - By Invitation ONLY.

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Weapons Club (Ko Budo)

Training with traditional Japanese WeaponsHando Ju Jitsu Club runs a Ko Budo Class on the last Tuesday of each month, in Harlow,Essex, giving the senior students an opportunity to work with all of the weapons in the Jikishin Syllabus. The Ko Budo class is held from 9pm to 10 pm (immediately after the usual class), and is open to all students. Within Jikishin, it is compulsory for students to study the traditional weapons of Japan and Okinawa, as part of the Black Belt Syllabus.

Tonfa Trainin - Application - Harlow Weapons ClubMany of the traditional Japanese weapons, and the techniques for utilising them, were developed from farming implements. In feudal Japan, the common people were not allowed, by law, to carry weapons. This right was the preserve of the upper classes and the class of warriors known as Samurai. Those who were forbidden to carry weapons developed ways and means to use everyday farming tools as weapons of defence, and the Nun Chaku (Rice Flail) and Kamma (Hand Scythes) are examples of this tradition.

The kata are performed with traditional Japanese weapons, and the training is in the form of single person and pairs kata, working with the following:

Training with various weapons at Harlow Weapons ClubKatana (Samurai Sword) - Presentation, 8 Cuts, Kneeling Cuts
Bo (Long Staff) - 2 Man Japanese Kata (Attacking & Defending), Okinawan Bo Kata
Tonfa (Side Handle Baton - usually used in pairs)
Sai - (3 pronged metal baton - used in pairs) - 3 Kata
Nun Chaku (Rice Flail) - 2 Kata
Jo (Short Staff) - Jo vs. Bokken Kata
Naginata (Pole Arm / Pike)
Kamma (Hand Scythes)

Earl Walker is a Level 2 Ko Budo (Weapons) Instructor.


The Club is run by Earl Walker, 6th Dan and Level 4 Coach.

Earl Walker - Chief Coach - 4th DanBased in Essex, Earl Walker is an ex Amateur Boxer, Amateur Freestyle Wrestler, and Doorman. He has huge experience in dealing with confrontation, aggression and violence. Earl also runs a Personal Safety Training company specialising in Lone Working. With more than 40 years experience in the fighting disciplines and over 20 years in Ju Jitsu, Earl is uniquely placed to teach aspects of Self Defence and Personal Safety which are often unavailable to members of the general public. Earl is also a qualified BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Instructor.

Earl Walker, 6th Dan and Level 4 Senior Coach, is the Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs Chief Instructor. Earl is assisted by Jackie Walker, 4th Dan and other high grade qualified coaches. See our Coaches Page for further details of our coaching team,

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