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Earl Walker performs Katana (Samurai Sword) Kata

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Earl Walker Appointed National Fighting System Coach

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Harlow Hando Ju Jitsu Club moves.

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Earl Walker & Will Murley start a new MMA Cagefighting Promotional Company.

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Sensei Jackie Walker - Senior Instructor Hando Ju Jitsu Junior Clubs

Congratulations to Sensei Jackie who received her 3rd Dan from Hanshi Brian Herbert in December 2009

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Harlow Sensei Jamie Taylor & Steve Thomas Attain 4th Dan - 2009

Jamie Taylor & Steve Thomas Achieve 4th Dan

Paul Anthony Achieves Shodan Grade

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Earl Walker Picks Up 4th Dan

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John Middleton & Earl Walker Gain 3rd Dan -with Certificates - May 2000

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Hando Warriors Competition Club - 5 to 16 years

Monday 6:15pm to 7:15pm This specialist Club for those who wish to compete in the Jikishin / UKMAGB Annual National Championships on Saturday 5th November 2016 at Tilbury.
The Junior Competition Club for those who wish to compete in Kata, Groundfighting, Sparring and Random Attacks, starts at 6.15pm at Mark Hall on Monday 5th September 2016 and will run through to Monday 31st October 2016. Please note that there will be no Competition Club on Monday 12th September.

Hando Mini Warriors - Harlow - 5 to 7 years

This club is limited in numbers - please call or message before coming along.



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Club News & Results

Come Along and give Ju Jitsu a try.
The FIRST LESSON IS FREE to new starters - pop along to any training session to check out our clubs.
MEMBERS: Bring along a friend and BOTH OF YOU get a FREE LESSON.

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Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association Fighting Championships 2018 - Hando Gets Great Results

Jikishin Fighting Championships 2018 - Harlow

Hando Ju Jitsu Club members gave an excellent showing at the Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association 2018 Fighting Championships.

The 6 Competitiors won an amazing 11 medals on the day:

Joe Buckley

2 Gold - Groundfighting & Sparring

Alfie Jenkins

2 Gold - Groundfighting & Sparring

Luke Godfrey

1 Silver - Groundfighting & 1 Bronze - Sparring

Ashton Man

1 Silver - Sparring, 1 Bronze - Groundfighting

Rhodri Morgan

2 Bronze - Groundfighting & Sparring

Tru Ensinger

1 Bronze - Groundfighting


A fantastic result and our heartiest congratulations to all competitiors who have been working very hard to get to the competition. Well Done!

Photos and official results

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3 Competitors & 4 Medals at - Kent Championships 2018

Tru comes up Trumps.

Rhodri, Tru & Luke proudly display their Medals
Rhodri M - Bronze Groundfighting - Tru Ensinger Bronze Open Hand Kata &
Gold Groundfighting - Luke Godfrey Bronze Open Hand Kata

Another great showing at the 2018 Jikishin Kent Championships, held at Snodland.
With only 3 competitors this year, our representatives did a fantastic job of winning 4 medals, 3 Bronze & 1 Gold. Luke was knocked out of the Groundfighting by the eventual Gold Medal winner, Tru fought all boys on her way to Gold, and Rhodri performed very well in the Groundfighting, but was outweighed by his opponents.

A great day for Jikishin & a Great day for Hando Ju Jitsu Club. Congratulations to our medal winners and we are looking forward to the next competition.

Photos from the competition.

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4 Gold, 2 Silver & 4 Bronze at the Jikishin / UKMAGB National Championships

Luke Godfrey, William Jack and Rhodri Morgan win medals in 2017 Jikishin / UKMAGB National Championships
Luke Godfrey, William Jack and Rhodri Morgan proudly displaying their medals

Once again our club had a fantastic showing at the Nationals on the 4th November 2017. The 6 competitors won a total of 10 medals - an absolutely brilliant show from our competition team.
Joe Buckley won Silver for Groundfighting & Bronze for Open Hand Kata 2017 Jikishin Nationals
William Jack
won 2 Gold Medals in Groundfighting and Weapons Kata
Rhodri Morgan won Gold in Groundfighting and Silver for his Weapons Kata
Chiara Melillo won Gold in Female Groundfighting (Seniors)
Joe Buckley
won Silver in Groundfighting & Bronze in Open Hand Kata
Luke Godfrey won 2 Bronze for Groundfighting & Weapons Kata
Tom Melillo won Bronze in Groundfighting (Seniors)



Joe Buckley with both of his Silver and Bronze Medals

A superlative result once again from Hando JJJC's highly dedicated team of competitors.


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7 Competitors - 7 Medals at 2017 Jikishin Kent Course & Competition

Hando 2017 Kent Competition Team 2017
L to R - Rhodri M, Luke Godfrey, Oliver Oakhill, Will Jack, Tru Ensinger

Lewis & Ben Mays - Competition Team 2017
Lewis Mays, Ben Mays

Once again the Hando Competition Team were successful at the JJJA Kent Championships winning a total of 7 Groundfighting Medals.

Gold Medal Winners: Luke Godfrey, William Jack & Lewis Mays

Silver Medal Winner: Oliver Oakhill

Bronze Medal Winners: Rhodri M, Tru Ensinger & Ben Mays

A fantastic showing from a very dedicated team.

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Jikishin Events Calendar

For a copy of the Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association Events and Calendar


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Change to Class Times On Monday at Mark Hall, Harlow

From Monday 6th February 2017, the class times will change to bring them in line with the Tuesday Classes.

Junior Class times will change to 6:15pm to 7:15pm

Adult class times will change to 7:15pm to 9:00pm


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Three Pass Brown Belt at National Grading

Matt Kendrick, Dave Marriot and Jason Plme all Pass Brown Belt
David Marriot, Jason Plume and Matt Kendrick successfully navigated their Brown Belt Grading

Three of our most dedicated and consistent students have passed their Brown Belt and are ready to commence training on their Dan Grade. Matt Kendrick, David Marriot & Jason Plume all passed with flying colours, and were complimented by the senior instructor on their hard work, discipline, knowledge, awareness and pace.

Huge congratulations to the guys, and we are looking forward to helping our Brown Belts achieve their goal of getting their Black Belts.


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Hando Team Spark Fireworks at Jikishin Internationals 2016

Boys SparringThe Hando Team did a fantastic job, on 5th November at Tilbury Cruise Terminal, the explosive team of 10 won 11 sparkling medals including 3 Gold and 3 Silver. With over 450 competitors, and a contingent from our colleagues in Belgium, the medals were difficult to achieve and hard fought over.

The team who have been training hard over the whole year in Groundfighting, Sparring and Kata rocketed to a successful championships and brought home the medal tally for themselves and th Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs.


Congratulations to the whole team comprising of: Matt Appleby, Joe Buckley, Tru Ensinger, Ruby Freeman, Jada Guest, Luke Godfrey, Will Jack, Alfie Jenkins, Ben Mays, and Rhodri M.

In one category, Junior Groundfighting, the team bagged the Gold, Silver and Bronze for a shut out performance.





The winners are:

Joe Buckley - Gold in Sparring & Silver in Groundfighting
Ben Mays - Gold in Groundfighting
Rhodri M - Gold in Groundfighting
Will Jack - Silver in Sparring & Bronze in Groundfighting
Alfie Jenkins - Silver in Sparring
Luke Godfrey - Bronze in Sparring & Bronze in Groundfighting
Matt Appleby - Bronze in Sparring
Tru Ensinger - Bronze in Groundfighting


Mighty congratulations to the whole team for their hard work, dedication and commitment.


















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7 Win Medals at Kent Competition 2016

Hando Ju Jitsu Medal Winners - Kent Competition 2016Kent Competition Medal Winner Ryan Fleming
Left to Right: Tru Ensinger, Mikey Lyons, Ruby Freeman, Lewis Mays,
Ben Mays, Ryan Fleming


Hando Junior Members achieved a great showing in the Jikishin Ju Jitsu Annual Kent Competition winning a total of 7 medals. The team was full of enthusiasm, and worked hard on achieving the highest standard for the competition which was very hard fought by all of those who took part from all over the UK.

In the groundfighting, three of the Hando competitors won medals in the same category, gaining Gold, Silver and Bronze - so special congratulations to Lewis Mays, Ben Mays and Archie Goodger.

Despite their hard work and dedication 4 team members did not achieve medals so our commiserations to Joe Buckley, RM, Oliver Oakhill and Luke Godfrey.

The winners are:




Lewis Mays



Ben Mays



Ruby Freeman


Weapons Kata

Mikey Lyons



Ryan Fleming


Open Hand Kata

Archie Goodger



Tru Ensinger


Weapons Kata


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Harlow Instructors Achieve 4th & 5th Dan

Jacki Walker receives 4th Dan & Earl Walker 5th Dan - December 2015
Jackie Walker - Head Junior Club Instructor attained the Grade of 4th Dan
Earl Walker - Head Instructor attained the Grade of 5th Dan

Both received the honour at the UKMAGB/Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association Dan Grade Celebration & Christmas Ball held at Orsett Hall Hotel, Essex on 6th December 2015.

Jackie & Earl would like to thank Sensei Steve Thomas & Sensei Jamie Taylor without whose help and support, the grades would have been very difficult to achieve.


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7 HANDO Members Pass Gradings

(L to R) - Jason Plume & Matt Kendrick - Purple Belt. Alla Kurhanska, Tony Rattray & Lee Fearon - Orange Belt. Stephen Heath & Robert Heath - Yellow BeltCongratulations to (L to R) - Jason Plume & Matt Kendrick - Purple Belt. Alla Kurhanska, Tony Rattray & Lee Fearon - Orange Belt. Stephen Heath & Robert Heath - Yellow Belt (in Dojo).

Onwards and upwards!

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HANDO In 15 Medal Bonanza in UKMAGB/Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association National Championships

5 Gold - 7 Silver - 3 Bronze Medals won by Hando Ju Jitsu Club Team at UKMAGB/Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association National Championships 2015

The successful Hando Ju Jitsu Team 2015The Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs 2015 Competition Team

Wow! What a result. Our brave and dedicated competition team did a fantastic job at the National Championships this year. Absolutely stunning result with medals won in most categories. All of the Hando entrants to the competition did brilliantly, fighting and performing to the best of their ability, and supporting their fellow club members. A huge thank you to the parents who worked hard to bring the kids along to competition training sessions, and of course to all of the performers who gave their all in both training and competing. A special mention to Jason Plume who won his first medal in Random Attacks - Jason returned to Ju Jitsu last year, after a 10 years hiatus - a great achievement. Kaitlyn Bell and RM - two of our youngest competitors deserve a special mention for the hard work they put into their training, which paid off with Gold for both.

Congratulations to all who took part - we are so very proud of your achievements.

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Hando Win 4 Medals at National Kata & Random Attacks Competition in Kent

A team of 4 Juniors entered the National Kata & Random Attacks competitions held at Ditton, Kent on 25th April 2015.

Tru Ensinger won Silver for Open Hand Kata
Ruby Freeman won Bronze for Open Hand Kata
Lewis Mays & Ben Mays won Bronze in the Open Hand Pairs Kata

Hando Ju Jitsi National Kata Competition Medal Winners 2015
Our heartiest congratulations to the competitors who performed brilliantly on the day.

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Jikishin 24th National Championships - 2014 - 6 Win Medals

image spacerMaciet Frackowiak - Gold Sparring & Bronze Groundfighting 2014Image SpacerLewis Mays - Gold & Ben Mays Bronze Groundfighting 2014 image spacerAlfie Jenkins Silver Sparring 2014 image spacerJoseph Buckley Silver Groundfighting 2014

The 2014 Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association National Championships took place on 1st November 2014 at Mark Hall Sports Centre, Harlow, Essex. With Groundfighting, Sparring and Random Attacks.

The National Championships attracted over 300 entries in the fighting disciplines. Hando Ju Jitsu Club won 6 medals in the championship: 3 Gold, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze. In the Junior Ground Fighting, brothers Lewis and Ben Mays won Gold and Bronze – having competed in the same weight categories they fought each other in the finals, both gaining success.

The winners were:

Maciet Frackowiak - Gold Seniors Sparring

Lewis Mays - Gold Junior Ground Fighting

Alfie Jenkins - Gold Junior Sparring

Joseph Buckley - Silver Junior Ground Fighting

Maciet Frackowiak - Bronze Senior Ground Fighting

Ben Mays - Bronze Junior Ground Fighting

Sensei Earl Walker Chief Instructor at the Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs at Mark Hall, said: “We are immensely proud of the all of the competitors, and with 8 entries and 6 medals, the representatives of Hando Ju Jitsu have achieved great individual success.”

Congratulations to all who competed in this challenging National Tournament.

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Hando Ju Jitsu at Ongar Carnival 2014

Hando Jikishin Ju Jitsu Clubs attended the Ongar Carnival on 22nd June 2014 - at Chipping Ongar Primary School, Greensted Road, Ongar, Essex, CM5 9LA.

We will had demonstrations from both juniors & seniors, weapons, competition, throws, locks and holds, groundfighting, sparring & kata. The Carnival was great fun for everyone who attended.

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Paul Anthony Wins 2nd DanSensei Paul Anthony 2nd Dan

Sensei Paul Anthony took his 2nd Dan Grading on 9th December 2013 and passed with a Credit.
Most of our students and our Senseis are aware of the hard work and dedication that was shown by Paul in his determination to pass 2nd Dan, Paul also achieved his Level 4 Ko Budo (traditional Japanese weapons) Award.
Paul is a hardworking member of the team of Instructors at Hando Harlow, and we heartily congratulate Sensei Paul on his achievement.

Paul Anthony - 2nd Dan



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Gift Certificates Available

Know someone who is interested in Ju Jitsu?
Why not buy them a Gift Certificate allowing 3 lessons at Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs for just £16.00 for an adult, £12.00 for a teenager or £8.00 for a Junior.

Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs Gift Certificate

Send us an email.

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Earl & Jackie Walker Take Fighting System Team to Madrid November 2013

Euro-Budo International Sport Fighting Team - Madrid, Spain 2013

Based in Essex, Earl Walker (centre) & Jackie Walker travelled to Spain, with a team of competitors including David Mizon of Hando Harlow Club (far right), to compete in the Euro-Budo International European Sport Fighting Championships.


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8 Medals at National Championships 2013

Ruby Freema, George Bishop & Luke Godfrey Competitors for Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs at Jikishin Nationals 2013Maciet Frackowiak - Gold - Senior Ground-Fighting + Bronze -Senior Sparring

David Mizon - Gold - Senior Ground-Fighting

Aoife Burn - Silver - Junior Open Hand Kata

Ryan Fleming - Silver - Junior Weapons Kata

Karthick Raju - Silver - Junior Sparring

Steve Thomas - Bronze - Senior Weapons Kata

George Bishop - Bronze - Junior Sparring

Luke Godfrey - Bronze - Junior Ground-Fighting & Bronze - Junior Sparring.

Ruby Freeman, George Bishop & Luke Godfrey
were all competitors in the 2013 Jikishin Ju Jitsu
Association National Course & Competition 2013.
Picture: Tess Godfrey © 2013.




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2 Win Bronze Medals in 2013 Junior Championships

Aoife Burn - Bronze Medal 2103 Jikishin JJA Junior Competition - EppingRyan Fleming - Bronze Medal 2013 Jikishin JJA Championships - EppingCongratulations to all of the team from Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs who entered the Epping competition, and a special mention for those who medalled.

Ben Mays
Lewis Mays
Leah Hunter
Jude Wiseman
Aoife Burn
Ryan Fleming


Ryan Fleming picked up a Bronze
medal in the Junior Groundfighting,
having taken on several competitors
considerably bigger than himself.

Aoife Burn won a Bronze in the
Junior Groundfighting after retiring
with an injured elbow damaged
during her third bout





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Hando Team Appear at the Ongar Carnival

A team of youngsters appeared at the 2013 Ongar Carnival demonstrating their Ju Jitsu skills to the general public, and generally having a fun day. Our thanks to Dave Marriot who gave up his time to help, and to Rebecca Hunter for the photographs.

Leah & Lucy Hunter provide one of the Sparring DemonstrationsHando Junior Team Demonstration at the Ongar Carnival 2013

The Demonstration Team

Leah & Lucy Hunter provided a
Sparring Demonstration




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4 medals at the Jikishin 2012 National Championships

David Mizon - Gold Medal Winner - Sparring 2012David Mizon won his first senior Sparring Gold Medal with a fine performance in the competition. Unfortunately, in the first round in the finals, he fractured the radius bone in his arm, but battled on in the second round with the broken arm to secure the gold medal spot. Due to the injury, Dave was unable to compete in the senior Heavyweight Groundfighting category, and unable to defend his title. We look forward to Dave competing and gaining both National titles next year, to match his excellent performance as a junior competitor.

Maciet Fracowiack - Bronze Winner Sparring 2012


Maciet Frackowiak was unlucky to lose his bout against the eventual the gold medal winner, and fought bravely and consistently well, to be knocked out by a split decision. Congratulations on a Bronze Medal and a great debut performance.




Juniors Aoife Burn and Mikey Charlton both performed superbly to win Bronze Medals in the sparring category keeping to the tradition of great fighting skills displayed by all Hando competitors.

Mikey Charlton - Bronze Medal 2012Aoife Burn - Bronze Medal 2012










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3 Win Medals at OEL Interclub Competition

Entering a team of 5 competitors in the OEL Interclub Competition held at Epping Sport Centre the Harlow, Essex & Ongar Team won 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal.

Congratulations to all of the team who competed, and to those who won medals.

Jack Barnard - Gold Medal - Random Attacks 2012

Jack Barnard - Gold - Random Attacks

Georgia Saunders - Silver Medal - Empty Hand Kata

Sam Marriot - Solver Medal Winner - Weapons Kata - 2012Georgia Saunders - Silver - Empty Hand Kata



Sam Marriot - Gold - Weapons Kata





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6 Medal Haul in the 2009 Jikishin National Championships

Entering a Team of 6, Hando Jikishin Ju Jitsu Club won 6 Medals at this years Jikishin National Championships.

A fantastic achievement!

David Mizon Wins GoldHando Ju Jitsu Clubs - Medal Winners JJJA Competition 2009 - Ethan Taylor,





Ethan Taylor, Matt Street & Rob
Whitcombe - Medal Winners

David Mizon wins Gold in Groundfighting




Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs - Medal Winners JJJA Competition 2009 - Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs - Medal Winners JJJA Competition 2009 - Jeremy Petley wins Gold





Jeremy Petley - Gold Medal Winner

Matt Street Sparring for Silver



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Matt Street Wins Sparring Gold - JJJA Nationals 2008

Matt Street wins Gold in Jikishin National Competition 2008


Matt Street - Gold Medal Sparring - Untouched


Matt Street on the Podium





Matt Street - Gold Medal Winner - Sparring



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Harlow & Ongar Have A Successful 2007

Hando Spartans Team 2007The Hando Spartans


L to R: Fraser Simpson, Dave (Simba) Read, Tom Walker, Rob Whitcombe, Jim Groom (JW), Matt Street, Paul Anthony, Rob Carter, Will Murley



November 2007

The team of competitors from Harlow & Ongar Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs have once againGeorgia Jackson & Billy Clearey come up trumps winning a total of 6 medals in the Jikishin Ju Jitsu Association Championships held in Southend on 3rd November 2007. Will Murley, not defending his title this year due to competing in a higher weight class, still came home with the Gold. Georgia Jackson also won Gold for her superb performance in the Junior Girls Groundfighting.

Billy Clearey & Georgia Jackson

Dave Read who retained his title in the Mens Groundfighting with a great display of control on the ground - keep tapping them out, Dave.

Honours also went to Billy Cleary who did terrifically in obtaining a Bronze medal in the Junior Random Attacks - Pee-Wee class, Fraser Simpson, who gained his first medal this year in the Junior Sparring coming in at the Bronze position after a gutsy performance, and Paul Anthony, who was very unlucky to be eliminated at the Bronze Medal position after a great display of heart and determination in the Mens Sparring.

Congratulation to the whole team. The support given to the competitors by the other members of the Team was fantastic and speaks highly of the competitive team spirit built at the clubs. Well done to all of those who competed, a great effort.

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Harlow, Essex Pair Win Medals In Greece

September 2007

Competing in the United Nations of Ju Jitsu International Championships in Thessalonika, Greece, Harlow, Essex trio Will Murley, Coren Daly and Lorna Crump competed at top level. Our intrepid trio returned with two medals from the experience. Will Murley won the Gold Medal in his weight class in the Men's Groundfighting, and Lorna picked up a Bronze Medal with a brave display in the Women Groundfighting event.

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Hando Win International Medal Haul

June 2007

Harlow & Ongar members competed in the Kokoro Kai & Wakarishin (UNJJ) International Championships in Southend and won 3 Gold (Dave Reid, Will Murley - (Groundfighting) and Billy Cleary (Junior Random Attacks). A special mention for Billy who is 6 years old and after a lot of hard work and dedication, performed superbly on the day to win a most deserved Gold. A lesson for all of our juniors. One Silver Medal and Two Bronze Medals completed the tally for the 3 Clubs with Dave Reid picking up his second medal of the day - Silver, and Mike Merralls and Chris Richardson picking up a Bronze Medal each for their efforts. Well done to all the competitors on the day - let's keep up the good work.

Hando Team - 2007 International Championships England

The Harlow &

Ongar Team

Clockwise: Rob Carter, Mike Merralls, Will Murley, Paul Anthony, Matt Street, Tom Walker, Rob Whitcombe, Dave Read, Billy Cleary, Kylan Adams.





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Hando Success In Jikishin Nationals

Hando Junior Medal Winners 2006

Junior Winners 2006


Farah Martin (OEL Ongar) Gold, Sarah Jane Hunt - Silver, Georgia Jackson- Bronze, Kylan Adams - Bronze.





October 2006

Will Murley and Chris Richardson both successfully defended the Gold Medals they won last year in the Groundfighting categories. The juniors did exceptionally well in the Jikishin Ju Jitsu National Championships with 3 club members winning medals: Sarah Jayne Hunt won a Silver Medal in the Girls Groundfighting category, Kylan Adams winning a Bronze in the Boys Sparring (at the third time of competing - well done for persevering Kylan) and Georgia Jackson in the Girls Groundfighting. Georgia's training partner, Farah Martin, who trains at OEL Ongar, beat Georgia in the semi finals to go on to get a Gold Medal.

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Hando in Gold and Silver Medal Haul
3 British Champions in Groundfighting - 2005

November 2005

Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs - Chris Richardson & Will Murley Gold Medal Winners - GroundfightingHarlow's Will Murley and Chris Richardson, and Junior Competitor Michael Franklin, from our Ongar Club, won Gold Medals in the combined Jikishin Ju Jitsu and British Ju Jitsu Championships in Southend. Both competitors won all of their bouts by submission, an unusual feat. Will (20), Chris (23) and Michael (16) all won Gold medals in their respective weight categories.

All of the guys have been training and working on their Groundwork skills for quite some time now, and it is very gratifying to see them reach the pinnacle of success in the UKMAGB Championships. There were over 500 attendees and competitors on the day, and the standard is rising every year, so it is a great achievement on the part of the boys.

Sarah-Jayne Hunt - Silver Medal Jikishin Nationals 2005A Silver Medal was gained by Sarah Jayne Hunt (15), who put up a great performance in the Final, to be crowned Runner Up in the Female Junior Sparring category. Sarah-Jayne has recently joined the Harlow, Essex club and competed for the first time in the British Championships. Far from being nervous, Sarah went into each of her fights with a great attitude and a will to win. She has a great future and the potential to go further in competition in the years to come.




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Hando Pair win International Medals in UNJJ International Competition - 2005.

September 2005

Will Murley and Chris Richardson travelled to Ireland to represent their clubs in the UNJJ Congress & Competition in Letterkenny, Northern Ireland, where the standard was high. Both returned with medals for their efforts, and we are very proud of their achievements.

Hando Pair Will Murley & Chris RichardsonBoth Will & Chris have been working hard on improving their Groundfighting skills for the competition and hope to go on to gain further honours in the British Ju Jitsu Association (GB) National Championships in November - with the dedication to training that they have shown, we are sure that they will attain further success.

Chris & Will With Their Medals

Left to Right:
Chris Richardson - Silver- Groundfighting 80-89 kilos
Will Murley - Gold - Groundfighting 70-79 kilos & Silver - Open Hand Kata


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