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Junior Competition Club

Lewis Mays Competing in Groundfighting JJJA/UKMAGB National Competition 2015

For those young people who wish to compete, Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs have regular training sessions covering Sparring, Groundfighting, Open Hand & Weapons Kata. Juniors are encouraged to train for competition, even if they do not intend to compete, as this is an excellent way for students to try out the techniques they have learned in a dynamic situation.

The Competition Club runs at Mark Hall, Harlow on Mondays from 6:15pm to 7:15pm from the end of June to the beginning of November. The Jikishin/UKMAGB National Championships are held in November each year. See the Jikishin Website Events page for details.

Hando Ongar Juniors - 2013

National Competition Squad 2015


There are specific sessions, covering competition rules, correct technique for each category, scoring, Judging criteria (what the Judges will look for), Referees (How the referees will manage each bout; presentation and lots of practice.

Groundfighting: Techniques from Start Position; Moving to dominant positions; Hold Downs; Defences from back; Practice bouts under competition conditions.

Sparring: Punches; Kicks; Throws; Defence against kicks and punches; Footwork; Defending against throws; Practice bouts under competition conditions.

Kata: Open Hand Kata; Weapons Kata; Pairs Kata; Kata Demonstration; Correct technique, Kata application; Speed of execution; Perfecting the Kata for competition; Practice under competition conditions.

Random Attacks: Attacks for each Grade; Defences; Correct positioning and application; How to perform in competition; How Random Attacks are scored; Practice under competition conditions.

See our Competition Page for explanation on the categories of competition.

See the Medal Table for Hando Ju Jitsu competitors who have previously won medals in all categories of competition.

Sparring and Groundfighting at the Hando Competition Club is run by Sensei Earl Walker, 6th Dan, Senior Coach, Chief Instructor for Hando Ju Jitsu Clubs, and Jikishin/UKMAGB National Fighting Systems Instructor.

Kata and Random Attacks at the Hando Competition Club is run by Sensei Jackie Walker, 4th Dan and Senior Club Coach.

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